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Learn Something New and Boost Your Skills

Our workshops are an immersive learning experience, aimed at developers who are looking for a specialized skills boost, or to learn about something entirely new. Each workshop features an expert instructor, practical content, and a hands-on learning structure.


Our workshops are presented by Devhub, Canada's only co-working space for software developers and programmers. In this new series of workshops, Devhub is stepping into the educational space with a set of events aimed at expanding the skill sets of developers, both experienced and beginner.


DevOps – Scaling with AWS and Terraform

Scaling is hard. A typical web app goes through many distinct phases on its way to popularity and growth. Modern DevOps practices and tools are widely available, but where do you start?

This full-day, hands-on workshop walked attendees through the several scaling strategies and methods to scale up a web application starting from a single server.


Linux Security Hardening For Developers

This one day workshop focused on practical security measures you can start applying to your servers right away. After a brief introduction to the various types of vulnerabilities and exploits in the wild, we focused on a real-world example of a software stack running on Amazon’s AWS.

We’re adding new workshops all the time. Don’t miss out!

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