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Our workshops are an immersive learning experience, aimed at developers who are looking for a specialized skills boost, or to learn about something entirely new. Each workshop features an expert instructor, practical content, and a hands-on learning structure.


Our workshops are presented by Devhub, Canada's only co-working space for software developers and programmers. In this new series of workshops, Devhub is stepping into the educational space with a set of events aimed at expanding the skill sets of developers, both experienced and beginner.







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VANCOUVER: Workshop for Developers Series:Building a Decentralized App: The Easy Way and the Hard Way

Building a Decentralized App: The Easy Way and the Hard Way

*Please note* Blockmason will cover 100% of the cost as a scholarship for participants who apply here. Registration is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Note: attending on Eventbrite is NOT your ticket. Please register via https://blockmason.link/link-workshops/


2018 saw an explosion in the growth of smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps) and general interest in programmable blockchain technologies. In turn, the need for blockchain developers has also grown exponentially. This comprehensive workshop, geared towards mobile and web developers interested in blockchain technology, explores the different levels of smart contract complexity; from basic read and write transactions to more complex interactions including an in-depth analysis of smart contract design.

In this workshop, you will build DApps that interact with a programmable blockchain and smart contracts designed for managing:

  • Ownership authority - asserting who owns what in a collectible DApp
  • Tracking to-dos - Basic checklist of tasks (http://todomvc.com/) recorded to the blockchain

Once you have learned to build a DApp the "hard" way, we will introduce Link (by Blockmason), an application which makes interacting with, and even deploying, smart contracts significantly easier. You will then re-factor your DApp using Link -- the "easy" way -- and compare the two approaches.

Students completing the workshop will walk away having built a fully functioning DApp, along with a greater understanding and appreciation of the current challenges and complexities of interacting with smart contracts and the tools available to make smart contract development easier.

Please go to this link to register for the workshop

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