// We created devhub to help support developers ... //

Devhub was created by Lighthouse Labs to help support the growth of developers by bringing them together through education, community initiatives, and co-working spaces. First launched in Toronto in 2016, Devhub has helped developers throughout their careers; with the guiding belief that exceptional programmers are lifelong learners. In 2018, Devhub opened a second location in Vancouver in the hopes of further providing support to the dev community on the west coast and all dev communities across Canada.

The Problem

While there are countless spaces that focus on entrepreneurs and businesses, Canada’s developer community has often been lumped in with these groups, rather than having their own network. The scalability of Canada’s technology industry, innovation, and talent retention depends on an active developer community, yet, we largely lack the infrastructure to support devs throughout their careers.

The Solution

Devhub: Canada’s first full-out education space for developers of all levels. A place where members can learn, code, and teach, whether they’ve been coding for two decades or eight weeks. A place where members can learn, code, and teach, through community, mentorship, and a unique co-working environment - all programmed for your specific needs and growth.


Our Team


Emma, Devhub General Manager


Mona, Space Manager - Vancouver