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Explore a new topic during lunch

Lunch breaks are just extra time to learn, right? Once a week (during lunch hour) you can attend a Devhub Lunch&&Learn, and explore a specific subject or topic of interest. You'll learn new things from peers who are passionate experts on something cool. Don't worry, Reddit and Youtube aren't going anywhere.








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Toronto - Lunch&&Learn: Creating a Common Language Between Designers and Developers

Join Devhub Toronto for their weekly series of Lunch&&Learns-- casual one-hour seminars with varying topics targeted at developers. Why not use your lunch break to learn something new?

This week's Lunch&&Learn is about "Creating a Common Language Between Designers and Web Developers", presented by Natasha McDiarmid.

Natasha co-owns the design studio Night Shift and has 11 years industry experience. Prior to this, she has had the pleasure of teaching, working within small creative studios, advertising agencies and start-ups. Offscreen she can be found avoiding bad luck, eating cookies or dog awwing.

Come out to learn how to build healthier relationships between designers and devs, avoid friction and prevent project creep.

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Vancouver - Lunch&&Learn:  Testing 1,2 is this thing on? A guide to testing React Native Apps

This week's Lunch&&Learn topic "A guide to testing React Native Apps" is presented by Inga Jonsdottir, a Senior Software Engineer at Apply Digital, a digital product studio. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ingibjorg-osk-jonsdottir/)

Nothing is more dreadful than finding a bug in production, especially if it’s a regression bug that you should have caught earlier. Even with a great team of QAs, mistakes can happen, and bugs can make their way into production. Therefore, it’s vital to have a great testing protocol that you follow through in your projects.

But how do you test? Which testing framework should you choose? How much test coverage should you aim for?

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