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We may be in two locations, but we are committed to bringing the Canadian dev community together.

In a profession and industry where so much is changing, devs need opportunities to learn from each other in order to keep pace and continue to grow. While there may be numerous co-working spaces that focus on entrepreneurs and other tech related businesses, Devhub is a place where developers can meet, collaborate, and learn from one another.


Creating a space for Devs is what we do best...

High-speed internet? Check!

Standing desks? Check!

Monitors? Check!

Free Coffee? How could we not?

Members have access to a curated developer space with plenty of meeting rooms, natural light, and stocked kitchen facilities.

We've created the perfect environment to work, socialize, and code away.


Both Devhub locations reflect their cities along with their unique dev communities



Launched in 2016, our flagship Devhub is housed in a brick & beam bulding. This space is stocked with meeting rooms, wall murals, and tons of exposed brick.



Our newest Devhub location is in the heart of downtown Vancouver. This location offers lots of quiet space, and panoramic views of the city.