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Our membership options give you access to a 24/7 workspace, meeting rooms, mail, fully stocked kitchens and, of course, super fast wifi. You and your team will get access to all of our programming, our community perks and to an online community of over 1,000 developers.

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Hot Desk $350/Month

Need a place to work from time to time? A Devhub hot desk gives you unlimited access to our communal desks. You’ll also be able to book conference rooms and enjoy all the other community and member perks and discounts too.



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Dedicated Desk $450/Month

Feel at home with your own permanent desk, while also sharing the space with other devs. The best of both worlds!

With this option, you can set-up your desk however you want, and have as many monitors on your desks as you can fit.



Lounge $250/Month

Similar to the hot desk, but a bit more casual. Come hang out in our lounge, use our super-fast wifi and soak in our community. Come with 5 hours of meeting use.

Available only in Toronto, and opening October 10th.


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Day/Weekly $15|$70/Day

Visiting Toronto or Vancouver and need a place to work? Come work out of Devhub!

Access is available in both Toronto and Vancouver from 10am – 5pm, Monday - Friday. You will gain access to a desk, along with unlimited coffee and tea to help you code away.                   

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Private Office (Inquire for Pricing)

Have a team of developers that are looking for a new home? Our office space can accommodate teams of 1-10 people.                  

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Team Cluster (Inquire for Pricing)

Are you a larger team who wants to work in the Devhub communal space?

Our team cluster option are perfect for you. We can accommodate a team of 3 - 15  people, and can customize a pricing option that works for you. 

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your perks

Fast & Reliable Internet
Quiet Space
Unlimited Coffee & Tea
Conference Rooms
Community of Devs
Content You Care About
Monthly Perks
First-come, First-serve Monitors

Dev for a day

Are you a developer interested in finding a space to call home? Devhub is a coworking space, community and education space for people and companies who are building cool sh*t. Come try us out for a day and work for free, Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm. WiFi, & unlimited coffee & tea included.

Fill out this form and we will get back to you within one business day.